Werner - Das Rennen 2018

WERNER - The Race 2018
30.08 - 02.09.2018

Flugplatz Hartenholm


Goile Paadie Loide

Werner - Das Rennen 2018

... es kesselt wieder !

The Werner – Race

When comic artist Rötger Feldmann, better known under his alias Brösel, drew the first sketches of the anarchic biker Werner, he could not in his wildest dreams have imagined that his creation would soon emerge as Germany’s best loved comic hero ever. Since publication of the first Werner comic ‘Werner – Oder was?’  in 1981, some staggering 10 Mio. copies of the comics have been shipped in Germany alone.  The laid back biker whose only real interests are beer, his customised Horex bike and ‘Paadies’ (parties) with his biker friends, emerged as the unlikely hero of Germany’s underground- and rock culture. Werner soon achieved cult-status and gathered a dedicated  followership in other German language-areas, too. The first motion picture “Beinhart” was an instant blockbuster and one of the most successful German language films of all times. More films were to follow, all of which also proved to be hits at the boxoffice. The real event, however, the one that cemented Werner’s status as a German pop-cultural phenomenon without any real precedence, was the Werner-Rennen (Werner Race) of 1988. That was when Werner, the comic figure, crossed over into real life. The idea for the race emerged in long beer fuelled nights in Brösel’s local pub, where Brösel regularly argued with the pubowner whose vehicle would win a race between them: Brösel’s heavily customised Horex bike or the landlord’s red Porsche 911. Brösel picked up on the banter in the comic books, where it became a recurrent theme. The fans loved the idea of the race and pressure grew on Brösel and his friends to actually organise it as a real life event. When the race was finally staged in 1988 in Hartenholm, it made history as a kind of a Northern German Woodstock. The organisers had expected no more than 100,000 people, however, 250,000 finally gathered in the heathland to witness the race and to enjoy the music of bands such as BAP or Roger Chapman. Other attractions included a circus, motorbike-workshops, and stunt-shows. The Porsche, by the way, won that race.

30 years on, it is time for a rematch, once again pitting Holg’s red Porsche 911 against Werner’s heavily customised Horex bike. Just like the first one, though, the event is going to be much more than a simple race between two cult comic characters and their vehicles. Among the many bands already booked are outstanding acts such as Uli Jon Roth, Doro, Extrabreit, Dr. Feelgood, Fischer Z as well as Roger Chapman or Niedeckens BAP.

Werner’s world would be incomplete, though, without bikes. Thus there will be motor-workshops, plenty of space for grease monkeys to show off their skills, drag races, stock car races and many other exciting events.

Werner- The race 2018: 3 days of loud music, plenty of beer, tightening screws, soldering and whatever else it takes. An absolute must for all traders, grease monkeys, exhibitors.




30.08. – 02.09.2018

Non-Food-Trader 80,00 EUR per front metre. mtr.
plus 60,00 EUR additional costs

Glaub Loide kommen ...

30.000 - 50.000