Werner - Das Rennen 2018

29.08 - 01.09.2019

Flugplatz Hartenholm


Goile Paadie Loide

Werner - Rennen 2019

... es kesselt wieder !

"Werner Rennen" is a cult event from the 80s. Comic cartoonist Brösel delivered a race motorcycle against Porsche. Around it, there were numerous accompanying action as well as live concerts.  In short, a huge live spectacle with round about 250,000 visitors came.

In 2018 there was the revenge on the race itself which - this time without chaos - attracted 50,000 visitors.

Due to countless requests, the promoter have decided to hold this outstanding motorsport event with live music also in 2019. With “Böhsen Onkelz” the organizers have committed a guarantor for a full house.




29.08. – 01.09.2019

Non-Food-Trader 95,00 EUR per front metre. mtr.
plus 60,00 EUR additional costs

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