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Rock Hard Festival

02. - 04. June

Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen,
Grothusstr., D-45883 Gelsenkirchen - Germany



Rock Hard Festival

Rock Hard Festival

The ROCK HARD festival has thirteen years on its back, with a good time had by all. And the party will recommence this year. Although not all bands have been confirmed yet, tickets are selling like hotcakes. The ROCKPALAST team will be there again this year to broadcast the event!

Real metal fans come to Gelsenkirchen to have a good time at the Rock Hard Festival, and that’s all there is to it!

The unique location in Gelsenkirchen has only one drawback: there will only be a limited number of space for non-food traders, so we will have to restrict the number of bookings.

Record traders inside the METAL MARKET only!
***NEW*** The Metal Market tent will open on Saturday only!

The Metal Market will be located in front of the festival area and will be accessible to all visitors and guests; particularly those not actually wanting to visit the festival.

Rock Hard Festival

This will be the biggest METAL MARKET
in the Ruhr region

Admission only 2,00 EUR!

The METAL MARKET 2017 will be advertised extensively with posters and flyers all over the Ruhr region, so we are expecting lots of METAL MARKET visitors in addition to the festival revellers. Previous ROCK HARD festivals have proved that the METAL MARKET has established itself at this location. For flyers, please get in touch with us!

Please note that it is strictly prohibited to sell NSBM products and other right-wing items, even if this is legal in other countries. It is ILLEGAL in Germany. Expect stalls to be checked for bootlegs!

Violations will be reported to the authorities!

Money Back

MONEY BACK-campaign !

As this campaign has proved to be extremely popular, it will be continued in 2017.

No trader will be forced to participate in the MONEY BACK campaign, but all those who have given it a try have realised its advantages.

Customers who spend 40,00 EUR or more at your stall will be refunded the Metal Market admission fee by you on presentation of their MONEY BACK voucher.

Rates 2017


02. - 04.06.2017

Non-food-traders 110,00 EUR per front metre.
plus 60,00 EUR additional costs

Load in: 01.06.2017 between 16.00 hrs. bis 20.00 hrs.

No traders selling audio or video media
will be admitted onto the festival site!

Rock Hard Festival - Metal Markt


65,00 EUR per front metre
include additional costs

Load in from: 8.00 hrs.
The tent will open at 10:00 hrs.

Number of visitors expected by the promoters


Festivallink: www.rockhard.de

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