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The story so far:

It was September 6, 1987, when Germany’s first METAL MARKET took place at the Zeche in Bochum. The general idea was conceived by Rockstar Promotion under the direction of Gerd Wiehagen, wanting to create a forum for metal fans from all over Germany to meet, talk about their music, establish contacts, swap records or simply sell various items. One popular trader was a certain Felix Letmathe. He arrived with his trestle table, offering t-shirts. We all know what has become of him: Europe’s biggest metal mail order shop, EMP. The METAL MARKET was supported by METAL HAMMER magazine. In the evening, there was a show featuring 3 hopeful young bands. Admission for the gig was DM10.00 (EUR5.00), and DM5.00 (EUR2.50) for the METAL MARKET. Among the bands featured were acts such as Holy Moses, Sodom, Zed Yago, Tankard, Assassin, Deathrow, Warlock and many more. This concept ensured that there were enough visitors at both events.


METAL MARKET Live on Stage | Drum clinic with Mike Terrana

The subsequent developments of the following years lead to METAL MARKETs being held exclusively at the big summer festivals, maintaining the basic idea of providing a forum and concerts at the same time.

Live performance at the METAL MARKET

The METAL MARKET is an independent tent in or in front of the festival area, featuring stalls by record traders or dealers selling rare items. However, should a trader who would normally be positioned in the outer area prefer to sell his items in the METAL MARKET tent, he is of course free to book a stall in the METAL MARKET. We distinguish between METAL MARKET traders and traders in the outer area. As a rule, CDs, vinyl etc. may only be sold inside the METAL MARKET. Exceptions are sponsoring deals arranged by the festival promoters, or at the Wacken Open Air, where a 3 metre stall inside the METAL MARKET is compulsory for traders wanting to sell CDs in the outer area. If 6 metres or more are booked in the outer area, at least half that length also has to be booked in the METAL MARKET. Stall fees inside the METAL MARKET are lower than in the festival area.

Non Food area one day before | Wacken METAL MARKET

There is an admission charge for the METAL MARKET, which is paid only once for the whole duration of the festival.

At the suggestion of a number of traders, we will refund the admission fee to visitors this year. For purchases of EUR40.00 or more, each visitor will have the admission fee refunded by participating traders on presentation of a voucher which will be handed out together with the admission wrist band. The voucher is only valid once. This way, we will keep mere gawpers out, and everybody else has the chance of a refund.